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Sir Richad Bishop + Robert Millis

Thursday, April 9th, Casa del Popolo

sir richard bishop

Richard Bishop is an experimental guitarist whose improvisations and compositions often reflect the shadow worlds of India, the Middle East, North Africa, and other points along the Gypsy trail. Richard is perhaps best known as a founding member (along with brother Alan Bishop) of experimental ethnic-improv pioneers and underground tricksters Sun City Girls.

Robert Millis is a founding member of Climax Golden Twins and AFCGT, a solo artist and a frequent contributor to the Sublime Frequencies label. He has scored long and short films, created sound installations, produced and designed audio projects, and released many LPs and CDs. His work veers haphazardly between sound art, music concrete, instrumental, improv, field recording, song and collage. He has a deep interest in folk and traditional music.

Posted on February 10, 2015 Experimental, News, Off-Season