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Permanent Stains
Ugly Cry

Thursday, August 10, 2017
DOORS: 9:00pm
La Vitrola


Suoni Per Il Popolo et CKUT 90.3FM présentent

Permanent Stains -- Ottawa
The Permanent Stains formed as barely pubescent junior high school students in Ottawa in 1987. We proceeded to delight, terrify and confuse the Ottawa punk scene of the early 90s with our surreal noise jams, homoerotic stage antics, and creative use of kitchen appliances as instruments. The current lineup for our 30th Anniversary Tour, Stains veterans all, consists of Nick Fraser (Juno Award-winning Toronto jazz drummer extraordinaire), Malcolm Fraser (aka musical entertainer The World Provider and director of the outsider music documentaries Gordon Thomas: Everything's Coming My Way and Corpusse: Surrender to the Passion), Adam Traynor (award-winning theatre and film director and pioneering member of puppet hip-hop crew The Puppetmastaz), Mark Haney (Vancouver-based composer and subject of the celebrated 2016 documentary Aim For the Roses) and Steve Raegele (currently of The Dears and known for his own critically acclaimed 2010 album Last Century on Songlines Records), as well as the Stains' co-founder, the mysterious, motorcycle-helmeted blender player and exotic dancer Yogurt Boy.

Ugly Cry -- Montréal

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Suoni Per Il Popolo
Posted on June 22, 2017
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