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Rêves Sonores w/ Ari Swan, Christopher Bissonnette et Sontag Shogun: highlights in photos!

Highlights from the October 12th concert at Casa del Popolo,  with Rêves Sonores with Ari Swan, Christopher Bissonnette and Sontag Shogun!


sontag-3 Ari Swan


sontag-6 Rêves Sonores with Ari Swan


sontag-12 Christopher Bissonnette


sontag-14 Sontag Shogun


sontag-18 Sontag Shogun. Projections by Guillaume Vallée


sontag-37 Sontag Shogun


sontag-41Sontag Shogun


Pictures by Jon Yu

Posted on October 24, 2016 News