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Gerry Hemingway with Crofts Adams Pearse Trio

Tuesday, March 31st, Casa del Popolo, 8pm


Gerry Hemingway is an American jazz composer and percussionist.

The Crofts / Adams / Pearse Trio is one of Atlantic Canada’s most creative free music ensembles. The trio is made up of Norman Adams (cello), Tim Crofts (piano) and
Lukas Pearse (double bass). Their music is spontaneous, colourful and filled with unexpected sounds and melodies. The Crofts / Adams / Pearse Trio explores music in the moment, at the frayed edges and deep wells of improvised chamber music. They compose in real time making pieces out of sounds sourced from their instruments in both traditional and most unusual ways, and always anchored in listening. Because of this emphasis on spontaneity; their concerts are always unique and revitalizing. They create otherworldly atmospheres right before your very ears. Following the release of their first album, Sonomatopia, the trio teamed up with legendary drummer Gerry Hemingway to release their second one,Literal Lateral in 2011.

Posted on February 10, 2015 Free Jazz, News, Off-Season