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Ba:zel · Brusque Twins · Joji (Joseph Gabereau)

jeudi 22 février 2018
PORTES: 20h30
MUSIQUE: 21h00
La Vitrola


Suoni Per Il Popolo et CKUT 90.3FM présentent

Brusque Twins (Montreal)

BAZEL (Prague)
ba:zel is the electroacoustic love child of Daniel Vl?ek and Ewelina Ai-fen Chiu, born on a whim when the two were near strangers back in 2014. The project features Ewelina on vocals, soprano flute, keyboard, and midi pedal and Daniel on bass guitar, beats, and synths. ba:zel is a precarious balance between startling fragility and massively dark undertones. Post-grime beats mingle with the neo-classical, connected by a soprano insidious to some, child-like and secretive to others. The project has been variously labelled as “frosty minimalism” (BeeHype), “nightmare electro-pop” (AlterEcho),
“chilly art-hop” (RadioWave), and “music for sleep-deprived ravers” (180 a.m collective).

Joji [Joseph Gabereau] (Montreal)

Portes 20h30 Musique: 21h
$8 / $10
Instagram: @suoniperilpopolo
Twitter: Suoni Per Il Popolo
La Vitrola se situe malheureusement au 2ème étage (il y a 41 marches au total). Les toilettes sont de genre neutre et ne sont pas accessibles aux fauteuils roulants. Toute personne désirant une assistance pour accéder à notre salle peut nous contacter. C'est avec plaisir que nous tenterons de répondre au mieux à ses besoins.

La Vitrola is unfortunately located on the 2nd floor (41 steps total). There are gender neutral washrooms which are not wheelchair accessible.
Anyone needing assistance accessing our space can contact us as we are more than happy to try and accommodate people to the best of our ability.

Suoni Per Il Popolo
Posté le février 22, 2018
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