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Indigenous Mind, Hamid Drake / Iva Bittová

dimanche 23 juin, 2019

Portes 20:00 / Show 20:30
$25 / $28


Hamid Drake / Iva Bittová

Iva Bittová has a rare, ineffable two-fold gift. She’s versatile enough to have collaborated with esteemed artists across the spectrum of musical expression, yet her sonic signature remains deeply imprinted, no matter what the context. Best described as storyteller who seldom uses discernible language, her intimate, engrossing narratives unfold in a unique personal folk idiom of her own deriving—inspired by her northern Moravian roots and countless other traditions. Bittová will be joined by Hamid Drake who has worked with trumpeter Don Cherry, pianist Herbie Hancock, saxophonists Pharoah Sanders, Fred Anderson, Archie Shepp and David Murray and bassists Reggie Workman and William Parker.

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Indigenous Mind

Indigenous Mind réunit le légendaire batteur et percussionniste de Chicago Hamid Drake, le bassiste Joshua Abrams et le vibraphoniste Jason Adasciewicz. « Aller au-delà de l'illusion du rapport interprète-public, et nous permettre d'entrer, de toucher, de sentir et de profiter de l'unicité de l'énergie partagée dans l'espace ouvert. »

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