Suoni per il popolo

PANGEA, Some Became Hollow Tubes, BLD + Black Givre

lundi 10 juin, 2019

Portes 20:00 / Show 20:30
$10 / $13
présente Suoni Per Il Popolo



Suoni Per Il Popolo et CKUT 90.3FM présentent PANGEA Montreal is a Montreal collective comprised of: Hypnotic drone rock duo Some Became Hollow Tubes (Aidan Girt on drums & Eric Quach on guitar) Kosmische jazz quintet BLD (Véronique Janosy, Reüel Ordoñez and Neboysha Rakic on brass instruments & vocals, Charles Bussières on synth & vocals, and Eric Craven on drums) Solo sound artist Black Givre (Samuel Bobony on drums, synth, samplers & field recordings). Each act will perform separate short sets, followed by a tectonic mega-jam bringing all three bands together to create explosive tribal, polyrythmic soundscapes and unsettling earth shattering atmospheres. PANGEA members are all very active veteran members of the local Montreal music scene; they play in bands such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, thisquietarmy, Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche, Hanged Up, Squalor, Maggot Breeder, Ghidrah, En Fer, Darkwinds & too many more to mention.

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