House of Gold

June 17th 2021

House of Gold is a quartet that blends quiet melodies and songwriting, chamber music, minimalist folksong, experimental improvisation, jazz harmony, and early music influences into an immersive and captivating sound world. Composer, drummer, and singer Isaiah Ceccarelli has built a repertoire of songs and instrumental pieces around his original texts and intimate music, inspired by his years of composing new chamber music for world-class ensembles, drumming for jazz, pop, and folk bands, singing in early music choirs, and travelling the world as a respected improviser and composer. The music is brought to fruition by the talents and input of multi-instrumentalists Katelyn Clark, Eugénie Jobin, and Frédérique Roy.

Eugénie Jobin: voice, synth
Frédérique Roy: voice, accordion, piano
Katelyn Clark: organetto (portable organ)
Isaiah Ceccarelli: voice, drums, synth, compositions