Talking to Each Other: A Collective Sounding Project - Sound Creation Panel

June 6th 2021

A multi-media, collaborative research-creation project directed by Simone Lucas, with Access in the Making Lab (AIM) and the Feminist Media Studio (FMS), in partnership with Accessibilize Montreal and Suoni Per Il Popolo.

In this project, the FMS, AIM, and our community partners want to collectively work, tinker and experiment with the frictions and challenges between technologies, access and critical forms of media making. To explore these questions, we are launching Talking to Each Other: A Collective Sounding Project. Over the course of this initiative, FMS & AIM members and affiliates will be invited to create recorded narrative, interview, sound art, and multi-sensorial pieces on the theme of access, sound and technology.The project emerges out of the FMS’s recent installation of a sound recording booth in its production suite. In purchasing this equipment, the FMS was excited to make sound recording accessible to student members for whom access to sound studios on campus and off was frequently restricted.

For the first phase of the project, FMS and AIM members will be recording sound creations in the context of a one-week workshop lead by multi-media artists Piper Curtis and Razan AlSalah. Selected sound pieces will be aired and then discussed at a roundtable discussion.

Videos and presentations by:

Arseli Dokumaci 
Rebecca Waldie 
Prakash Krishnan 
Jonathan Sterne 
Raphaelle Bessette-Viens
Krista Lynes 
Caitlin Chan
Jessie Stainton 
Anne-Marie Trépanier
Amanda Gutierrez