Quatuor Bozzini with Kristie Ibrahim + Fabrice Marandola perform Jürg Frey's Unhörbare Zeit (18h)

June 3rd 2021
Live Concert

This live concert will take place at Espace Aline-Letendre - Église du Gesù, 1200 rue du Bleury

$13 ($10 + taxes and fees)

Tickets available in person at the door or online at https://legesu.tuxedobillet.com/Gesu/unhorbare-zeit-2/20210603180000

Swiss composer Jürg Frey is known for his ability to bring the listener on an exploration of vast inner soundscapes. For 40 minutes, the Quatuor Bozzini joined by percussionists Kristie Ibrahim and Fabrice Marandola will delicately place each sound, hovering at the limits of perception and expression.

This concert is offered in partnership with the Quatuor Bozzini, the Festival Suoni Per II Popolo and Groupe Le Vivier.

“At times, the string quartet sounds like the silence of an open space, the hush of an empty room, wall or landscape. It is taciturn, but not absent music. It is not speechless, nor does it come to the verge of falling silent. The liveliness and shine of the music doesn’t come from gestures or motivic figures. However, there is much to be found in its quiet presence: colours, sentiments, shadows, sound, duration, life. This music is mute architecture.

In this music, there are various emotional and architectural sound worlds - volume and wasteland, lightness and the weight of substances, intimacy and loss – over whose dividing borders one gently traverses.

This music often comes as a result of simple and clear procedures, but the demand for precision is thereby increased.

Elemental materials and construction can be perceived as sentiment, and attention to detail becomes paramount in the suspension of these sentiments, so that they do not fall into the limitation of expressivity.” - Jürg Frey