Suoni per il popolo

Mary Jane Leach, Joni Void / N Nao, Nick Schofield

Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Doors 20:30 / Show 21:00
présente Suoni Per Il Popolo


Mary Jane Leach

Mary Jane Leach is a contemporary classical composer/performer based in New York City, who work reveals a fascination with the physicality of sound, its acoustic properties and how they interact with space. In many of her works Leach creates an other-worldly sound environment using difference, combination, and interference tones - Her mesmerizing dronesque album, (f)lute songs, out on Modern Love last year, is a shining example of this phenomenon.

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Joni Void / N Nao

After countless shows together, and a recent collaborative track that appeared on Joni Void's latest Constellation album Mise en Abyme, Joni Void and N NAO figured it was time to properly assemble together a duo set to perform in the Eglise St Edouard - where Jean has been organizing events recently, after having witnessed a life-changing performance by Naomie there. Their sonic dream-worlds will collide, blending vocal loops, deep textures and disorienting effects with their own respective emotive and surreal qualities, into an ascending, celestial performance. Featuring a regular partner in crime of the Void - Eddie Wagner, on flute.

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