Suoni per il popolo

Air / surface graphic score performance by L'Ensemble Habitant members and friends

Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Doors 13:00 / Show 13:30
$8 / $10
présente Suoni Per Il Popolo


Air / surface graphic score performance by L'Ensemble Habitant members and friends

Come and experience the graphic score air / surface of Elizabeth Millar and Justin Devries, composed in 2018 with a commission from the Now Society. The concert will be made up of 11 ensembles, one after the other! Ensemble Habitant is a large, variable geometry ensemble of musicians from all walks of life from Montreal and elsewhere. Mainly focused on the performance of graphic scores, the ensemble performed compositions by Matt Robidoux, Julie Richard and Hildegard Westerkamp. His approach is inspired by Cornelius Cardew's radicalism, Pauline Oliveros' patience and Butch Morris' enthusiasm. List of artists for june 16th : James Annett [violon alto] Esther Bourdages [tables-tournantes] Louis Beaudoin De-la-Sablonnière [guitare] Preston Beebe [instruments électroniques, percussion] Ky Brooks [voix] Marie-Hélène Brousseau [synthétiseurs] Charly Buss [synth] François Bussières [instruments électroniques, bandes] Yannick Chayer [instruments électroniques, saxophone, flute] Stefan Christoff [piano] Guillaume Cliche [instruments électroniques] Guillaume Cloutier [guitare] Eric Craven [batterie] Geneviève d'Ortun [instruments électroniques, saxophone] Sienna Dahlen [voix] Jean Derome [instruments à vents, petits objets] David Dugas Dion [saxophone, guitare] Claudia Edwards [voix] Dustin Finer [saxophone] Émilie Fortin [trompette] Geneviève Gauthier [saxophone] Nathalie Gélinas [instruments électroniques] James Goddard [saxophone] Marina Hasselberg [violoncelle] Joane Hétu [saxophone, voix, petits objets] Anne-F. Jacques [instruments électroniques] Charlotte Layec [clarinette] Matt Lee [instruments électroniques] Alain Lefebvre [électroniques] Eric Lewis [trompette] Liberté Anne Lymberiou [piano] Hailey McCarthy [guitare/basse] James Meger [basse] Michel Meunier [guitare] Elizabeth Millar [instruments électroniques] Reüel Ordonez [trombone] Sonia Paço-Rocchia [instruments maison] Craig Pedersen [trompette] Alex Pelchat [guitare] Marilène Provencher-Leduc [flute] Deanna Radford [voix] Julie Richard [tuba] Martin Sasseville [instruments électroniques] Paul Serralheiro [trompette] Pierre-Luc Simon [batterie] Olivier St-Pierre [piano] Scott Thomson [trombone] Ida Toninato [saxophone] Roy Vucino [instruments électroniques, guitare]

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