Suoni per il popolo

Kyo W/ Jeuru, Soho Rezanejad, Danielle Dahl, Mutually Feeling, Soeur Acéphale

Friday, June 7th, 2019

Doors 21:00 / Show 21:30
$10 / $13
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Kyo W/ Jeuru

The pairing of Copenhagen-based ambient duo KYO (Hannes Norrvide and Frederik Valentin) and mesmerizing soul singer Jeuru, a recent Copenhagen transplant by way Queens, NY, offers a rare chance to melt into atmospheric soundscapes that transcend the senses. Jeuru’s poignant and disarming voice swells and dips over the breathtaking instrumental works produced by KYO, immersing you in the sublime.

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Soho Rezanejad

Born in Denmark to Iranian parents fleeing the revolution in their home country, electronic experimenter Soho Rezanejad is now New York-based. She melds philosophical lyrics, deep synth patterns and evocative electronics, indelibly marked by her understanding of what her parents have gone through. “I’ve written more freedom songs than love songs,” she says, “but maybe they come down to the same thing.”

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Danielle Dahl

Copenhagen-based Norwegian composer, performer and improviser Danielle Dahl is exploring and developing psychoacoustic phenomena. She also plays saxophone and EWI (electronic wind instrument) in the free jazz/noise trio Tigers Mind, as well as ring modulated piano, sine waves and keyboards in Lumpy Space Princess, and don’t forget her sacrilegious, poppy tekno in DIRTY NUN TEKNO CREW.

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