Suoni per il popolo


Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

Show 19:30
Musique Rayonnante

From the Sala Rossa during the COVID 19 pandemic: recorded and streamed performance to celebrate Silvervest’s album launch and Suoni’s 20th anniversary. Hear the new album at

Silvervest is collecting donations for the Black Indigenous Harm Reduction Alliance. To give:



Silvervest is the duo project of Nic Caloia and Kim Zombik that cruxes intimacy at the heart of their vibrant and melodic compositions.  Playing in the field of storytelling, pop, soundscapes, jazz and jangling, Silvervest offers fresh music that is intuitive and potent. Their creations have structure yet allow Kim and Nic to follow their ears into wider musical spaces. The duo, ever open to possibilities, explores the nuts and bolts of humanity’s mortal coil with tenderness, humour and tunefulness.

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