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War of the Elements

Saturday, June 3, 2017
DOORS: 9:00pm
La Sala Rossa
$15 / $20


Suoni Per Il Popolo et CKUT 90.3FM présentent:

Elle Barbara & Twysted Mugler's War of the Elements

Avec la participation de membres de:

House of Amazon

House of Constantine

House of Ebony

House of Lanvin

House of Monroe

House of Mugler


Terra. Ignis. Aqua. Aer.

On June 3rd 2017, Western astrology's four elements will collide in what is sure to be an epic battle for the ages. The event will set the tone as this city's premier vogue and runway bash, with members of iconic houses set to travel to partake in what promises to be a fierce vogue fem showdown.

Get yourselves ready, children!

Participants are asked to dress up as the classical element of their choice i.e earth, fire, water, air. Each contestant can compete in as many categories as they want, with as many outfit changes as they want. Changing rooms will be provided to that end. Also note that members of the same house must compete against one another. In fact, each category will be played in such way that members of the same element go up against each other first, after which there'll be four contestants left, each dressed as a different element, vying to win the money prize category.



1.    Butch Queen in Drags Realness vs. Butch Realness - $100

2.    Butch Queen Realness - $150 (choose one of the following three styles):
a.    Schoolboy
b.    Thugboy
c.    Executive

3.    Femme Queen vs. Transman Realness - $100

4.    Vogue - $300 (choose one of the following four styles):
a.    Virgin Vogue (1st timers)
b.    Female Figure Performance (Drags, Femme Queens, CisWomen)
c.    Twisters vs. Sisters (Butch Queens)
d.    Old way vs. New Way

5.    Runway - $300 (choose one of the following three styles):
a.    All American
b.    Butch Queen Euro vs. Female Figure Runway (Drags, Femme Queens, CisWomen)
c.    Virgin Runway (1st timers)

6.    1st Time In Drags At A Ball - $100

7.    Face - $250:
a.    Butch Queens
b.    Cis Women
c.    Butch Queen In Drags
d.    Trans Women

8.    Bizarre - $200

9.    Best Dressed - $200 (choose one of the following two styles):
a.    Male Figures (Butch Queen, Butch, Transman)
b.    Female Figures (Drags, Femme Queens, CisWomen)

10.    Open To All Body - $100

11.    Sex Siren (choose one of the following two styles):
a.    Male Figures - $100
b.    Female Figures - $100


Color coding:

Earth (green dominant, with optional details in different green/brown hues)

Fire (red dominant, with optional details in yellow/orange)

Water (blue dominant, with optional details in different hues)

Air (white dominant, with optional details in silver)
Please note that this competition is open to locals. No registration needed. Just show up in an outfit themed after one of the four classical elements and make sure to be inside the main room when your category is called!

Also: no tricks, no physical contact, and no unnecessary shade, unless you really want the judges to think you are desperate, which never looks cute.

Suoni Per Il Popolo
Posted on April 5, 2017
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