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Day 2 – Improvisation and Listening: A series of Events in Memory of Pauline Oliveros

Friday, June 2, 2017
DOORS: 9:00pm
McGill University


NMR 832, McGill University
527 Sherbrooke St . West

9-9:30 - Introductions: 
9:30-10:30 - Talks session one (Ellen Waterman: A Deep Listening Meditation on Decolonization / Sara Ramshaw: DEEP Listening goes to Law School)
10:45-11:45 - Talks Session Two (Erik DeLuca: Wolf Listeners: Acoustemological Politics and Poetics of Isle Royale National Park / Thomas Ciufo: Listening Through Acoustic Ecology and Sound Art)
12:00-12:30 - Talk Session Three (Renee T. Coulombe Banshee: Towards a Critical Theory of Deep Listening Praxis) 

Lunch Break

1:30-2:30 - Talks session Four (David Bernstein: Acoustic and Virtual Space in the Music of Pauline Oliveros: From the     Soundscape to the Sonosphere / Jason Robinson: Making Our Presence Manifest Over Distance: Pauline Oliveros, Telematics, Technology, and Improvisation)
2:30-2:45 - Collective Exercise (Led by: Viv Corringham)
2:45-3:45 - Talks Session Five (Stephanie Khoury: Creative Music Learning with Technology: Learning to Improvise through Creative and Interactive Listening
Dan DiPiero: Listening to Contingency: Improvisation and Everyday Life)
4:00-5:00 - Talks Session Six (Rebecca Caines and Michelle Stewart: Breaking Barriers: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Listening with Each Other
Jing Xia: Hearing my Chineseness: Listening for Identity Through Improvisation)

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Posted on April 21, 2017
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