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Oso Blanco + Hraïr Hratchian

Saturday, June 9th, 2013
Casa Del Popolo

Oso Blanco (Nate Wooley, C.S. Yeh, Colin Stetson, Ryan Sawyer)

oso blanco by Peter GannushkinThis quartet’s music is drawn from foregrounding the liminal sonorities of their respective instruments, an aspect integral to each player’s individual practice.  The collective negotiation of mass and velocity becomes Oso Blanco.

Ryan Sawyer – drums and voice
Colin Stetson – bass saxophone
Nate Wooley – trumpet
C. Spencer Yeh – violin, voice

Hraïr Hratchian

hrair hratchian Nine musicians will be perform the armenian folk piece Bardézoum vartér patsvadz (1900) from the composer Krikor Dalian. This interpretation is centred around a continuous hymn and around a steady presence of keyboards.

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