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Série Sound Structure

Sound Structures: Late 20ieth century music for solo violin performed by Malcolm Goldstein, with discussions.

Chaque autre Dimanche, a 14h. Casa del Popolo, 4873 Saint-Laurent.

Word Souces: Dimanche le 11 Janvier

Johhn Cage: Eight Whiskus
Jackson MacLow: Vocabulary Gatha for Malcolm Goldstein
John Cage: Cheap Imitations (1st mvt. Portrait of Socrates)
Malcolm Goldstein: gentle rain preceding mushrooms
Pauline Oliveros: Thirteen Changes

Sound Structures: Dimanche le 25 Janvier

Philip Corner: gamelan CORN
John Cage: One
Christian Wolff: for 1, 2 or 3 people
Malcolm Goldstein: on & on and always slowly nowhere
James Tenney: Koan

Other Worlds: Dimanche le 8 Février

Ornette Coleman: Trinity
Malcolm Goldstein: my feet is tired but my soul is rested
Peter Garland: Three Valentines
Malcolm Goldstein: but one bird sang not

Collage Settings: Dimanche le 22 Février

Stefan Wolpe: Second Piece for Violin Alone
Philip Corner: Pieces for String Instrument #5
Pauline Oliveros: Portrait of Malcolm
Phillip Corner: up to 7 juxtaposed, and; like nothing else/never before

Every Day’s Music: Dimanche le 8 Mars

Hans Otte: Alltagsmusik

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