Suoni per il popolo 4 - 23 juin 2019

Pagan Altar, Cauchemar, Palmistry

vendredi 23 août, 2019

Portes 21:00 / Show 21:30
$20 / $22


Pagan Altar

Pagan Altar are one of the most complete and mystical bands to have emerged from the NWOBHM movement. Mixing 70’s proto-doom elements with English folk, hard rock and heavy metal, they wrote some of the most grandiose songs of the genre.

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Cauchemar is a heavy metal band founded in 2007 in Montreal, Canada. Its music is distinguished by its doom metal and hard rock influences, and by the mystical french-language singing of Annick Giroux. The band has released one EP (“La vierge noire” in 2010) and one LP (“Tenebrario” in 2013) on Nuclear War Now! Productions, and have released its second LP, “Chapelle ardente”, in 2016.

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